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A leader with Integrity Delivering Results for Our Community

My name is Denise Myer, candidate for Washoe County Commissioner, District 3. I am a
constitutional conservative wife, mother, and grandmother. I have lived in Reno since the
In the 1960s, attended school through college, raised my 3 daughters here, and now my 4
grandchildren. I graduated from UNR with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Economics. I
also have a master’s degree in Safety and Health Management.

I am a long time member of my church and secretary for the local safety organization, ASSP
(American Society of Safety Professionals). I have served on the board of the Susan G. Koman
Race for the Cure and on the media committee for the local Red Cross.

I am a part of the local workforce. I started as a part-time employee for a major airline and
worked my way up to management, including a position as an Industrial Safety Auditor for the
The Western States. As an airline employee, I enjoyed working with a diverse group of people. In
my position as a supervisor in the fast-paced, high-pressure airline industry, l learned to solve
issues quickly and fairly. Those skills transferred to my current position as an Industrial Safety
Engineer for a local company, where I oversee the welfare of a hundred employees.

I love Reno and this state and I am passionate about making sure it is headed in the right
direction. I am not a politician but have always given my support through donations and
volunteering. I am not happy with the direction policies are taking and am tired of people who
don’t hold the same values I do making decisions for me and my family, so now is the time for
me to be more involved. Running for County Commissioner is important to me as it is the
closest elected official to the people, and I want to ensure all this district’s residents are equally

I believe in God, my county, and the Constitution, the way it was written. I also support our law
enforcement, firefighters, and first responders, and believe they should have all the resources
necessary to do their job.

I encourage county growth but planned growth with attention to traffic issues and water
usage. I am also concerned about voter integrity, the lack of affordable housing, both rentals
and purchases, the homeless, and increasing crime.

I believe this is an important job, and I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and going to work
for Washoe County, District 3.

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